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 From Steven Cooper 98FM DJ

12:24 PM on May 28, 2012 
Wee quote from Steven Cooper,
Well deserved test pass


From Grace via our Guestbook,  07:33 PM on September 25, 2010

I had never driven a motorbike before so I decided to book a 3 day beginners course during the summer with Kevin, and I have to say I can't recommend his training enough. He is patient, calm and collective.We started off on a 125 Honda eliminator, before moving onto my own restricted f650 Dakar. He talks you through everything step by step before then showing you, and getting you to copy and repeat. Which is a great teaching method. As you quickly gain confidence in yourself and your riding ability as you know why you are doing something and the reasoning behind it.He lets you learn at your own pace as every student is different, but he keeps pushing and encouraging to move forward.

What I also thought was great was that safety always came first. It didn't just stop with the safety gear and the bike. He teaches you how to read situations so that when you see a potential hazard you can react in a safe way before it can become a problem. he constantly looks out for you when on the road. Stopping other road users from driving overly aggressive towards you and from putting you in potentially dangerous situation, as lets face it some people just don't have any time for L drivers on the road. Even though nerves did get the better of me on occasion, I always felt safe with Kevin talking me through maneuvers and driving with me. 


Quoting Dick McConville (Shinwacker)

Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX       Training Day: Sunday 25th Oct. 2009


 We went from Drogheda to Slane, a road I’m familiar with and boy it was class on the 600, ha I was able to keep up, a first for me. I have of late been very nervous on the bird; many might have noticed me going very slow on the bike. I was out in the wind on Saturday; the road from Ashbourne to Finglas, the motorway was like hurricane ally and it frightened the bejayus out of me. This just added to my nervous frame of mind. I also have been getting a lot of what I can call grief from people, you know the sort of thing, and “If I had a bike like that I’d get killed on it”. It’s too fast and that sort of thing. I’m generally a cautious type of lad, so this constant barrage did affect my frame of mind.

I got my nervousness sorted out a great deal on Sunday. Spent Sunday morning out with Kev, my son Mark and Kev was able to iron out a few of my problems. I can’t recommend Kev enough. He was able to give me my confidence back. Kev’s teaching technique is very gentle. He doesn’t patronise you. He uses reason and logic to get his point across; he explains everything in plain language, without the use of biker jargon. He has a vast amount of road craft knowledge and can show you as well as talk you through it. He showed me the proper sitting position for the bird; I was keeping my weight on the handlebars and as such my arms where out to far, so far that all I could see was my elbows in the mirrors. So with my arms in tight and with my hands, “hanging on the bars” I was able to see in my mirrors. He told me to use my knees to hold onto the bike and after I got used to this the position, it was much more comfortable as all the weight was on my lower back and it was also sat deep down on the bike. He also went through my bike and how good it was and the pro’s and cons of my bike. Thanks for all you help Kev mate.

So as you can imagine the spin to Slane was just class on DC’s CBR. My confidence being re-built and my mind set being repaired. The road was dry and free from autumn’s revenge, leaves. I had to use the gearbox of the CBR to keep the bike flowing around the curves and bends.



 Quoting Christy (Vstrom)

Suzuki VStrom 1000cc          Training Day: 10th April 2009


Wont be able to make this one myself, family sunday for me.
Spot on Kev thumbsup.gif
It was a great day for a run.
Good roads & great company.
I learned a lot about biking today
Anyone here looking for rider training/rider assesment kev is the man
Thanks a mill kev.
The grub in the cottage is very good they serve breakfast from 9.30 am
if anyone wants to ring ahead the number is 042 682 19 36
Regards Christy