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Terms & Conditions       (Please read)

Kevin Ayres T/A ayres motor training (here in after known as amtraining)

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Initial Basic Training Centre & Essential Driver Training Centre
Standard Terms and Conditions

Booking & Payment

1.      No bookings can be confirmed until training has been duly paid for in full and in advance.

2.      When booking and confirming an IBT/EDT module, the names of all attendees and their required IBT/EDT module and vehicle category must be received by amtraining in advance. All attendees must comply with the legal requirements of the IBT/EDT system as laid down by law. Failure to do so will result in the course being cancelled and no refund being issued.

3.      Attendance on a course will be refused if full payment has not been received prior to the start of the course.

4.      All notifications from the customer must be received in writing.

5.      The designated periods for cancellation is dependent on the type of course or service as follows:

1.      Scheduled Course: Up to 14 days prior to the start of the course.

2.      Room Rentals/Closed Classes/Compound Site Courses: Within 30 days after booking and payment in full, or up to 30 days prior to the start of the course or service, whichever occurs first. Where a group of such courses have been booked, 30 days prior to the start of the course or service shall mean the start of the first course of the group of courses, and not the individual start dates of courses within the group.

3.      Training Club Members or Voucher Holders: 7 days prior to the start of the class.

6.      In the event of a cancellation by the customer, the following refunds will apply, except for Training Club Members and Voucher Holders: and only if full payment has been received.

1.      Notice received from the customer within the designated period: 50% refund

2.      Notice received from the customer outside the designated period: 0% refund

3.      There is no refund handling charge for payments using Laser, Cheque or Wire Transfer but unfortunately, due to Bank charges, there is a 4% handling charge on refunds of Credit Card payments.

7.      In the event of a cancellation, by the customer, within the designated period, where payment has not been received, the amount outstanding as per the above terms and conditions will be due by the customer.

8.      In the event of a cancellation of a course by a Training Club Member outside the designated period, a €50.00 cancellation fee will be charged. The €50.00 fee must be paid before taking any other class.

9.      In the event of a cancellation by a Voucher Holder outside the designated period, the Training Voucher(s) will be voided. The voided vouchers must be returned to amtraining before taking any other class.

10.    Notification of any transfer must be made in writing and received by amtraining within the designated period.

11.    In the event of a customer transferring a booking within the designated period, the following charges will apply:

1.      The first transfer will be made free of charge.

2.      The second transfer will be charged at €25.00, which must be paid prior to attendance.

3.      Subsequent transfers will be treated as cancellation and the full course fee will remain payable.

4.      Transfers made outside the designated period will be treated as cancellations.

Training Club Membership

12.    Training Club Memberships are valid until the expiry date listed on the card. The period of validity will start on the day of the first class or two months from date of payment in full, whichever occurs first. New Training Club Membership Cards will be issued at renewal.

13.    Training Club Membership Cards must be presented at Reception when registering for any Training Club Membership courses. If the Training Club Membership Card cannot be produced, other proof of identity will be required in order to attend the course.

14.    Training Club Members may take any classes within their Club in the correct order. Classes outside the scope of a Club scheme may not be taken without paying separately, or joining the relevant Training Club Membership scheme.

15.    Training Club Members may repeat classes of the same version as often as required within the time span of the Training Club Membership, provided there is availability. No course manuals or literature/handouts will be issued or required for any repeated course.

16.    Any course cancellations must be received in writing.

17.    Training Club Membership's cannot be cancelled after the date of acceptance on the contract, and are non-transferable.
Voucher Schemes

18.    Each Voucher is valid for one complete half-day course, a one-day course, or two evening training sessions.

19.    Vouchers are valid from the date specified on each Voucher for the term specified on the Voucher, unless otherwise specified.

20.    Courses are offered on a first come first served basis, and seating is limited, therefore customers are urged to register for courses as soon as possible.

21.    If the class is full your delegates may be placed on the waiting list, you will be notified only if a cancellation occurs and a space becomes available.

22.    Voucher Holders must present the designated Voucher for validation at the start of the course. In the event that a Voucher Holder is unable to present the designated Voucher, entry to the course may be refused. If entry is possible, they will be required to sign a "Class Coupon Responsibility Statement" and be bound by its requirements to return the designated Voucher to amtraining within 5 days, or be liable for the full course fee at the standard rate for the course.

23.    Voucher contracts cannot be cancelled after the date of acceptance on the contract, and are non-transferable.
Government Assisted Courses

24.    Payment must be made at least 14 days before the start of the course and must be accompanied with the relevant documentation.

25.    All delegates must arrive at the training centre 30 minutes prior to the class start time to allow for registration and preparation. If delegates are more than 15 minutes late for the start of the class, their place may be reallocated. Any anticipated lateness should be notified via the amtraining Enrolment Hotline 086 804 3183. Delegates more than 30 minutes late will not be admitted to the class and will forfeit 100% of coarse fee.

26.    All delegates must report to reception to be registered, on each day of training (this also includes multiple days of training).

27.    amtraining reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any courses.

28.    All prices currently quoted are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing standard rate (currently 23%).

29.    Any delegate, who has postponed a course within the terms agreed, can complete same course within six months from the date of the original course date, at no additional charge, provided that they have already complied with cancellation/postponement terms, and paid in full for the coarse they wish to take and that there is availability. If the delegate does not attend the rescheduled course or reschedules/cancels his/her place on the course with insufficient notice, as detailed in our cancellation terms, then there will be no further liability on behalf of amtraining to supply a further coarse dates.

30.    During the terms of this Agreement and for one (1) year thereafter, the company or any persons within the organisation agrees not to directly or indirectly, entice or solicit any employee, consultant or trainer for any purpose whatsoever, whether for the trainer or clients mutual benefit or the benefit of a third party. The parties agree and acknowledge that the purpose of this restriction is to protect and safeguard either company's integrity and / or confidential information.

31.    The booking and payment of a training course or service will form a legally binding agreement between the trainee and amtraining and due to the inherent danger involved in motor training and the lack of remote controls on motorcycles used the school and instructors can not be held responsible for the actions on a student/trainee and therefore the trainee must accept responsibilities for their own actions and the damage they may cause with those actions. (generally if you listen to the instructor you will hear the instructions and be able to obey same.)

        If you bend it you mend it, this is the biker mantra.


GDPR and Ayres Motor Training (amtraining)

The new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Will come into force from the 25th May 2018.

We, at amtraining, want to assure our customers, contacts and suppliers that we are handling, and will continue to handle your data professionally, securely and in accordance with the new regulations.

We currently hold the following information
For our customers and suppliers:

· Client Name and Address

· Client e-mail, telephone and/or Mobile numbers

· And finally Client EDT or IBT Details and Licence Details to the use of verifying IBT or EDT systems compliance.

We use this information to forward to you
Invoices, Credit Notes, Statements, Receipts, Special Offers
And General Sales Related Information regarding 
our products and services.

We do not sell your data or pass on to any third party,

Except where we need to use this data to process agreed 
credit card transactions with a secure credit card service provider. (SUM-UP )

We do not hold any Credit Card Information.

By law we are required to keep a record of all data required by RSA (Road Safety Authority ) for the processing of and maintenance of our legal duties in relation to your training and licencing requirements (IBT & EDT) also by law we are required to keep a record of all financial transactions for a period of 6 years,
thereafter, we delete the details of these transactions
and employ a professional shredding agency to shred 
all hard copies of such transactions.

By continuing to communicate with and do training through amtraining (Ayres Motor Training)

You will have indicated your acceptance of our GDPR policy.

And we look forward to your continued loyal support.


Kevin Ayres ADI F35536 (Principle)

00 353 (0)86 804 3183 (Mobile)